Thursday, February 19, 2009

Settling in

Brad and I aren't 100% moved into the new house yet, but we're loving the house so much! We love that we have our own walls and we can't hear our neighbors talk to each other, vacuum, fight, burp, watch tv, etc. It is going to be interesting to see how much money we can save up and we hope that in 18 months we can afford to have a place where at least SOME of our walls are our own.

We went to the new ward on Sunday and everyone was so friendly. We've already had neighbors call and drop off goodies and offer to help with anything. One lady called last week to write an article about us in their neighborhood newsletter. She asked me if I liked to read and when I told her yes she asked if I wanted to be in the book club. I was in book club up in Logan and I've missed it! So I said yes. She then informed me the meeting was in less than a week but that she'd drop off her copy of the book since she couldn't go. I was thinking I would read the book, but might not go to the meeting since I wouldn't know anyone there. She brought me the book and she even talked to someone about coming to pick me up and take me to the meeting. So I spent all my free time yesterday finishing the book and I'll go to the party tonight with some lady whose name I don't remember.

The book was The Secret Life of Bees. I loved it. If you want a good read, I'd suggest it. Now I really want to see the movie. It also offers good insight into the civil rights struggle so I'll probably put it on a list for extra credit reading for a history class! Have you read it? Did you love it?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

cat killer

How come when I walked out to my car tonight there was a cat sitting underneath my passenger side door? What is it about my little civic that just screams "commit cat suicide here". Don't worry. I saw it before I started my car so that cat will live another day.

Also, I talked to the ladies in the office at my apartment complex and the cat that died was a stray that usually sat by the hot tub to stay warm. I know it doesn't excuse the fact that it was a living being that is now no longer living.... but at least little Suzy isn't missing Felix at night.