Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steph a nay nay

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends in the whole wide world. Her name is Stephanie and she just got engaged this past weekend. I love her so much and I'm so excited for her to get married and to never have to deal with the dating scene again! I just wanted to put up a few pictures of the great times that Stephanie and I have shared to show how awesome she is and how much I love her!
This was Halloween of '05 when we dressed up using things we had in our closets. Stephanie is a sheep (not a cold Canadian) and I was a bottle of pepto-bismal.

This is Stephanie and I before we went to a Rascal Flatts concert. Featured behind us is our garden scene that we made so that could have the joys of an outdoor patio in the confined spaces of our small apartment.
This is a very classic picture of Stephanie, Staci and I. We were taking a nap on the infamous love sac after a long hard day of toilet papering our neighbors apartment. We were definitely the three amigos and I love these girls very much and I miss them every day. Congratulations Stephanie on finding the love of your life! Now move to Salt Lake to be near me so we can be married couple friends!

Monday, July 28, 2008

going, going, going

Things at our place are just never going to slow down! We kept with tradition this last week and went on another vacation for the weekend. I'll tell you all about it but first I have to back up to Wednesday of last week. We went and saw Dark Knight. I thought Brad might die because we had to wait 5 whole days from opening to go see it. He has been SO excited for it to come out. So we went on Wednesday with his best friend Ryan and some of Ryan's buddies. It was really good. Brad will probably buy it the day it comes out on DVD. Thursday was a holiday so both Brad and I got to stay home all day and just do nothing. We don't have air conditioning so it got really hot during the day so we decided to go on some adventures. We went to Smiths to try to turn in our big change jar so we didn't have to lug it around when we move. Turns out coinstar charges you 8 percent to exchange coins. LAME. So we just took it home and counted it ourselves and we will probably go get ice cream with it or something. (We are sorry if you are behind us in line but we are using all change.) Eventually we ended up hanging out at the mall. We got Brad some new pants and a new video game. Friday we took of for the booming metropolis of Burley, Idaho. We went with Brads uncle David and his wife Jen and their 3 kids. We stayed at Jen's parents house. They were very kind people and they were so fun to stay with. Brad went and saw the Blue Angels preform with David and he loved it. I hung out with Jen and her mom and the 2 younger boys. We went out to lunch and we went and to the Twin Falls temple open house. It was beautiful. We then went to Shoshone falls. They were beautiful too! The falls actually are painted on the walls in the temple. It was a good day. We got home last night and are getting back in the swing of things today. We don't actually have plans for this weekend so we might stay in Logan! We are hoping to hear from the apartment complex this week so we might end up going down to sign contracts if that goes well. We'll see.

The Blue Angels

The Twin Falls Temple

Shoshone Falls

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lunch Group

This last semester (Spring of '08) I had a couple of shifts with my friend Celeste. Celeste had formed a lunch group with another co-worker, Barb, and a friend from high school, Traci. Barb happened to graduate in December and leave Celeste's lunch group down to 2. During a shift together one morning Celeste asked me to help her with a campaign to replace Barb. (She couldn't handle the idea of eating lunch alone with Traci..... who can blame her?) After several ideas including advertising on the board in the student center we decided I should just join her lunch group. I had several things in common with Barb, I am smart, funny, and extremely good looking, I also am not a fan of Pita Pit, just like Barb, and so it was decided that I was just as good as Barb if not better. To honor Barb I was given the new name of Bamy. So we tried all semester to find a time to go out lunch and it only happened a few times but those times were filled with some of the greatest conversations and bonding experiences that have ever been had by a lunch group. Unfortunately I will be moving soon and it looks as though Celeste will be moving back to Logan and so Celeste and Traci will need a new lunch group buddy. So if you know anyone who will be living in Logan, who needs friends, who is good at having conversation with the mentally unstable, who doesn't enjoy the pita pit and has a name that would would sound good with the prefix BA added to it then let me know and I will put them in contact with Celeste and Traci.

Oh and funny story... when I gave my camera to the Costa Vida employee to take this picture she very nearly took a picture of her own eyeball. I guess she hadn't had much experience with digital cameras..... or any camera.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my day

I love days when you get a lot accomplished! Today started early because I had work at 7 am. I worked till 2 but I totally got to eat free lunch while I was at work and even had time to make a lunch date for tomorrow with half of my former lunch group. (Dear Celeste if you read my blog then you should come back to Logan to go to lunch group tomorrow. Dear Traci when you read my blog please move to Salt Lake so that the lunch group can reconvene down there.) After work I went to the bank and finally got my name changed on that account (good idea since my photo id now has a different name than my debit card....... as if anyone asks) I also got Brad a card. I figured since we've been depositing his money into my account for some time now that maybe I should let him have access to that money. We always smile at the waiter till he leaves and then Brad hands me the bill. So I got that taken care of and then I decided to go shop for a little while. I went to Old Navy to see if they had any good $2.50 sandals but of course by this time they don't have my size. So I went over to borders to see if they had any good books for me to read since I still haven't gotten over kite runner. I then decided why spend money when there is a perfectly good library in town! I forget how much I love the library. I try to stay away during school because truth be told I'd much rather read a novel then a boring old textbook so if I have novels to read I ignore all academic type literature.

So I went to the library and tried to decide which book to get. Of course all Stephanie Myers books have waiting lists a mile long and the one other book that I've been thinking about checking out was out too. Then I remembered........ I hadn't read the last Georgia Nicolson book! I don't know if you have to have a twisted sense of humor like my family does to enjoy these books but I think they are HILARIOUS! That is also what USA today thinks about them in case you wondered. The first book in the series is called "Angus, Thongs, and full-frontal snogging" and they are written by Louise Rennison. It's the diary of a 13 year old girl in England and they are so ridiculous. So that is what I'm going to do until tonight when I go to see an old roommate that is about to pop a baby out any day now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Amy Dimick

I have now gone to the DMV and I am officially Amy Dimick on my drivers license. So now according to all government documents that is my name, except my passport....... I think I'll just leave that though. Now I just need it changed on my debit card. That can be tomorrows fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sushi Party and House hunting

So this weekend Brad and I came down to South Jordan to try to find housing. While we were out and about trying to find something we stopped for lunch with his mom and his sister. Brad loves sushi but I'm not a big fan so he was really excited that his mom and sister wanted to have sushi with him. We went to Happy Sumo at the gateway and they all shared several different kinds of sushi while I had some wonderful cooked chicken. :) Jackie and Whitney both loved the sushi so now Brad has sushi buddies. I still go with him when he wants it because luckily every where that serves sushi usually also serves some good chicken or something.

After lunch we continued our hunt for apartments. We looked at several apartments and found some that we definitely wouldn't live in and some that would be ok. We're hoping that we get in at some that happen to be right next to Jordan Landing. They are really nice. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed for us that nobody gives them lots of money before we can get ours in.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my reading

So I am reading a book right now that I have mixed emotions about. I was trying not to let it get to me but I guess it did since I was sitting here reading and Brad just asked me a question and all of a sudden I started bawling. The book I am reading is Kite Runner. I'm not going to say a lot about it but I will tell you that it's about a boy who grew up in Afghanistan and the hardships that he's faced and the hardships that his people have faced. I'm not going to suggest this book as a must read to anyone. I wont however tell anyone not to read it. If you want to go ahead. I'm not finished but I will be by the end of tonight. This book deals with one of my biggest fears in life, (not the fear of driving off a bridge into water..... I know good thing I live in a desert right?) but the fear of corrupt leaders. Whenever I watch a movie or read a book where the people in charge are corrupt it makes my heart hurt. When Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham city and sees the way it is being run and how the police are not only allowing the crime but they are contributing to the crime it makes me so happy to live where I do in the circumstances that I do. Yes, America has it's problems but at least I feel safe and I have a loving family to love and care for me. The hardest thing about this book is that it's true. It's about things that really are happening in the world. It makes it that much harder to read.

So since I'm finishing it tonight does anyone have any good happy fiction to suggest?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new parking lot

This isn't any big news I just wanted everyone to know because I'm really happy. They just redid the asphalt in our parking lot. It was really bad before and the new managers actually care about the condition of the apartments so he got the owner to agree and now it's wonderful and smooth. Too bad we're moving exactly one month from today.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Theater in the Desert!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love that my husband will go to plays with me and actually enjoy them! This week was girls weekend in Cedar City. But it was even better than last year cause Brad came! He managed to survive the week with my mom, my sister and I and he even had fun. He says that being the only boy with 3 sisters prepared him to be able to handle sharing a hotel room with the 3 of us. It really was a lot of fun and we both felt really cultured afterwards. We drove down to Provo on Wednesday night and stayed the night there. Thursday morning we got up early and drove to Cedar. We saw 'Taming of the Shrew' first and Brad really enjoyed it. When he was in elementary school his 6th grade class did a production of this play and he approved of the man who played the same role in this version. That night we went and saw a play that was written by Molière, a French playwright. The play was called 'The School for Wives'. It was pretty funny. I had this feeling that there was a theme going on because both shows that we saw on Thursday dealt with how to make women behave.........
On Friday we started off the day with going to Cedar City's 4th of July parade. There were so many people IN the parade that I'm not sure who was watching it. Every kid that played on any sport was on an "allstar" team of some sort and they all got to march in the parade. My sister wanted to wait for the band but turns out there was no band in the parade, dang. That afternoon we went to 'Fiddler on the Roof' and that evening we saw 'Othello'. 'Othello' was so long that we missed all the fireworks. We could hear them going off in the distance but the show went until 11 so we didn't see any. It was ok though because the play was really good. I'd never seen it before and I'd never actually known the storyline at all so now I feel more cultured.These are the banners for all the shows they are doing this summer.

Saturday we went to Godfathers pizza
for a lunch buffet and turns out they have some really cool temporary tattoos in their little waiting area. Brad got really excited because one machine had marvel comics heroes. My roommates and I used to have a tradition where we would get temporary tattoos on every road trip so we decided to continue the tradition. We both got one and Brad even got a Spiderman one which was his first choice! We convinced Erin to get one but couldn't talk my mom into getting one. Next time! Erin got a sparkly flower and we made it a tramp stamp. I got a sweet Wolverine and put it on the back of my calf.

Saturday we went and saw Cyrano De Bergerac. It was an interesting play. I'd never even heard of it before but there were parts from it that are used in a lot of romance movies and such that I now know where they got their starts. That night Erin and my mom went to one last Shakespeare play while Brad and I drove to St George and watched Les Mes at Tuacahn.
If you have never been to Tuacahn you really should look it up. The picture above is in the parking lot. It's an amazing place. They really use the landscape to their advantage for their shows. All in all it was a great trip and Brad and I had a great time on vacation number 2!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Florida Condo

So these are all my pictures from the condo that we stayed in when we went to Florida. I'm sure most of you don't care but it's the best way I can think of to show them to our travel agent. :) So here is the walk through of the condo.

This is the condo. Obviously the day we were leaving since the day we got there it was 2 am.
This is inside the front door. Directly to the left is a door to the garage that we didn't use because it didn't have an automatic opener and we weren't positive the car doors would be able to open once it was in.... Straight back was the first bedroom.
This was Scotts room. It had a washer and dryer in the closet and a bathroom with a big shower.
Up the stairs on the second level was the kitchen and living room.There is a 1/2 bathroom through that open door in the kitchen and a pantry behind the door.

Behind the TV is the stairway up to the 3rd floor. Up there were 2 bedrooms.
This room had a king sized bed and the bathroom had a big tub and 2 sinks.
This room had the 2 twin beds and just a regular bathroom.

So everything worked out great with exactly the right number and sizes of beds. And to think it all cost less than 2 hotel rooms! Thanks Jackie!