Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Light up my life

The Dining room light was not a favorite when we moved in. I'll show you why.
Boring. We looked at a couple of light fixtures at Lowes and Home Depot and found one that we thought would work. Then while at Brads parents house one night we began talking about light fixtures and they told us they had one that we could take. They were in the midst of a remodel and so this is a theme you will see happen often in our decorating.... We took a look at the light. It was in good condition. Only one problem...

The color. I'm not a fan of gold. So after some design blog reading I decided that I could look past the color. That is what they make spray paint for. So I used some tin foil on the base.

Some plastic wrap on the individual light sockets. (you can see the first layer of color is on already in this photo)

I sprayed all the removable parts and washed all the glass. Washing the glass may have been the biggest change for the light. It had been sitting in a scrap pile during the remodel at his parents just waiting to be taken to either the dump or the DI.

Then the husband hung it up for me. It looks pretty dang good up there. If I had to change anything I'd add a few more links to the chain so it hangs lower... so there just may be a follow up post some day on that update.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Round 2

I have an interview at this school again tomorrow. I will preface this with the fact that I wont do this but this is how I secretly want part of the interview to go....

Principal: Well it was very nice to meet you Mrs. Dimick.
Me: I know. You told me in the letter you sent me last time. Even though this is actually the first time you met me. Because your letter was full of lies.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Master Bath

The master bath before and afters. I did the walls a medium gray and the ceilings white. We also installed a rounded shower curtain rod. It makes a big difference. We were spoiled with our big shower at the last house so going to this tiny shower/tub was difficult and it felt much better to not have the curtain touch your elbow when you go to lather up your shampoo. Not pictured is the hand-held shower head, we purchased it with wedding money to BB&B, we love it and have taken it everywhere we've lived since our first apartment.The before: Builder boring.
The middle: the shower curtain rod just wasn't working right. The wall/ceiling meeting point wasn't finished at this point either. That actually took me until last week to finish.
After: I feel like I should take a picture from inside the shower to show you just how much room that rod adds.

Now it just needs art. Like every other wall in my house.