Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why I haven't posted...

So I know this will sound lame, but the reason it has taken so long for me to post anything new is because every time I would open my blog I would see that I had 99 posts and my next post would be post number 100. I felt like there was some sort of pressure for my 100th post to be full of awesomeness. I couldn't post because I couldn't come up with something that was worthy of such a milestone. So this is me rebelling against that pressure. I will not post any cool pictures, I will not talk about the goings on of my life, I will not leave you with anything witty to ponder. Take that post number 100. Now I can move on.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brads homework

A few weeks ago Brad and I decided that we should go on an adventure. Since Brad was taking a humanities class that required him to go to a museum we decided to make a day out of it and go do his homework together. We'd tried a couple times before to get to the museum but because I work early and he works late it was hard to find a time when we'd both be home and the museum would still be open. Finally we had a Saturday without conference or Easter or visiting relatives. We drove out to the end of the trax line in Sandy and we got on the train. We rode into Salt Lake and then switched trains to the University line. While waiting for our transfer train we watched a very inebriated woman confess to the poor volunteer working at the platform that she was running from the cops. At which point she proceeded to try to get on a moving train. She didn't succeed and instead decided to go back the way she came, which would have led her right into the hands of the cops.... if there had actually been any chasing her.... and she stagged up the street, almost missing a curb. Once we got our connection we rode to campus. We got off at the stadium because we really had no idea where we were going. We found a map and started hiking. We hiked up the hill to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. We weren't sure what kind of fee there would be to enter and as Brad pulled out his wallet to pay we were informed that it happened to be a FREE Saturday! So we got to walk around and admire/ponder the art without feeling like we HAD to enjoy it just because we'd paid to get in. After the museum we took trax back to the gateway and had a fabulous dinner at "The Counter". A cool place where you custom design your own burger. When dinner was over we rode trax back to our car and came home. We met a really friendly woman and her homeless boyfriend and their child while we waited for the ride home... I hope for the childs sake that somehow they have a roof over their heads. Overall it was a fun time and we felt really cultured afterwords. Minus a few blisters (I had new shoes and terrible bandaids...) it was a really fun day!