Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday: My day after Thanksgiving tradition

For Thanksgiving Brad and I went to his sisters house in Price. It was a wonderful day and the food was great. It was weird not being surrounded by hundreds of people eating in a church gym (I have a large extended family.....) but it was nice to just sit back and watch a Dirty Jobs marathon with Brad and his dad while other people worked all day on food :)

Since I spent Thanksgiving day with Brads family and since Brad had to work today I stayed the night last night at my mom's house and we decided to start a new tradition of our own. Last year the day after Thanksgiving was the day that I went through the Logan temple in preparation to be married. So today my mom and I went to the Provo temple to celebrate that anniversary. We've decided that we will try to go every year after Thanksgiving to celebrate the spiritual things that we are grateful for. It's just may be one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday: Belt Buckles

One thing I've learned while teaching is that you just have to be yourself because the students see through your lies. Also, if you have little things that the kids can relate to they really enjoy that. I have a couple of little hobbies that the kids have really enjoyed. If you recall back on the 19th of September I taught my classes a lesson on pirates. Since then I've had a student bring me copies of pirate books she has collected and I even got a pirate themed thank you note from another student. The other thing that kids have really enjoyed is my belt collection. My brother started wearing belt buckles when I was a senior in high school and I wanted to be cool like him so he bought me my first belt buckle for Christmas. I continued to collect them whenever I went on trips or for important holidays (I have a lovely skull and crossbones buckle from TLAPD). When I worked at JC Penney my freshman year of college I amassed a large number of belts, mostly belts that had been separated from pants that were then either sold or stolen. Since I began wearing belt buckles several of the kids have come to school early to show me their belt buckles or to check if I have a buckle that day.

Today was my last Friday of student teaching. I wear jeans on Fridays so I decided that today was the day for me to wear my ultimate belt buckle. It is actually the buckle my brother gave me back in 2003. The kids loved it. So here is a picture of me wearing that ultimate buckle to a Keith Urban concert back in 2005.

Self Check out

I hate it when people use the self-check out lane to fulfill their deep childhood desires of using the beeping scanners. If you have an entire basket full of junk, it's not going to be faster to use the self check out. It's just not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Streeeeeeeeeechin it out.

I know I already posted today but I've been feeling sick today and I've watched the news about a million times and I gotta say...... I'm already sick of rivalry week. I'm sorry, I know most of my friends have strong feelings one way or the other but I really just don't care. Remember when everyone was complaining about how the candidates for president began campaigning way too early? Well I feel like that, only I don't care about the football game so it's even worse. I can give all sorts of statistics on the two teams now, even though I haven't watched a single game. Even the weather has found ways to talk about the game........ One more reason I'll be glad this week is over.

My hubby

It's been awhile since I've posted, and a bunch of fun things have happened. Once I have all my pictures from the fun events I'll be sure to post about everything. Probably the most significant thing that has happened since I last posted was Brads birthday. We come from families where birthdays aren't extravagant and so we kept things pretty simple but we still had a good time with family. I sure do love my husband and I can't wait until I'm done with school so he can get back to school during the day so we can see each other in the evenings. We may even start eating dinner again. It's been a rough semester with not a lot of time to ourselves but it's almost over! So here are five facts about Brad for all of you.1- I call him Muffin. I wrote a whole blog about it in fact. You can read it here.

2- He peels his bananas from the wrong end. Ok fine, there is no wrong way, but still I'd never seen anyone peel their bananas like he does until I met him.

3- He is very patient and loving.

4- He is so good with children. I love watching him with his niece and nephew. Someday he will make a wonderful father.

5- He picks up on what I need and just does it. From helping with laundry to fixing the drain, he just gets it done.

Also, he is such a goofball as can be witnessed in this engagement photo in which he is biting my arm....... The photographer definitely didn't ask him to do that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my flaw (one of them)

I get so frustrated by the simplest things. And it turns out I hold grudges sometimes. I don't like that I do it. I know that good people are patient and forgiving but I guess I'm not a good person. Sometimes getting my frustrations out makes me feel better about myself..... so if you don't mind, I'm going to tell you the completely insignificant things that have bothered me lately. If you agree with me that these things are annoying let me know and I"ll feel better, if you think I'm ridiculous, don't let me know because then I'll just be bugged again...........

Stupid thing #1: (Brad would kill me if he knew I was still thinking about this.......)
So a couple weekends ago we went to Vegas to go to my cousins wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was very well decorated. It almost made me want to do it all over again so I could use the same decorations. So we went to the Temple ceremony and were able to congratulate them after it was over. Then we went to a church where they did a ring ceremony for those family members who weren't able to be at the temple. Afterwords they let everyone who was there for that get in line to congratulate them. I happened to be second to last in that line. I was standing in front of the first groomsman in line when the photographer came to the people in front of me and told them when they had finished that there was going to be pictures. She then told me and my uncles family that we would have to get out of line so they could take family pictures. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? There were 2 more people and she's going to kick us out of line? I shouldn't care. I got to give them hugs after the actual wedding. But I had just stood in line to congratulate them and she is going to tell me I can't? Even after we got out of line she didn't start taking pictures for awhile. So if you read this new cousin-in-law, congratulations and I'll give you a hug the next time I see you, and I hated your photographer. Thank you Ashley for working with me so well for my wedding photos.

Stupid thing #2:
I received a scholarship back in April from the University. It was a really rushed process to get the scholarship and I ended up writing multiple letters in one week and talking to the vice provost several times about all of the requirements for the thank you letter that is sent to the donor of the scholarship money. We were supposed to send a picture but when I emailed to find out the specifications on the photo I was told that someone had already taken care of my picture for me. She gave me the name of the person and I just figured it was someone from the college since they had a photo of me from a scholarship I'd received a couple years before. Well today I got an email from the same woman who told me my photo was taken care of asking me if I ever sent in a photo. If she seriously has been sitting around waiting for me to do something she told me not to do........She told me I can come to her office and she'll take one. I wrote back a really informal response basically saying that she told me I didn't need one and I don't live in Logan but I told her that I can email a photo if she will tell me what size and format she wants. I also said that if that wouldn't work that I have a sister who lives in Logan and people say we look alike so if needed I would send her to have her picture taken.

Stupid thing #3:
I was just told that I have to buy my own honors cords for graduation? Is that true? LAME.
(clarification: It's not just that I have to pay for them but I have to find them on my own and buy them through a whole different site because the book store doesn't sell them)

Ok, I feel better. Thank you.