Thursday, December 30, 2010


I just went through and read all of my blogs from this year, (a whopping 22) to decide what I would write if I were to sum up this year. Judging from my blog you might guess not much happened this year. You'd be right. Here are some things that did happen in 2010:

We bought a house.

We purchased our first home in April and spent 3 months moving all of our belongings into said house one Focus-load at a time. In July we moved in and we've been unpacking ever since. We have moved in a spare twin bed and are still willing to get that air mattress if anyone wants to come stay!

We had a child.
I mean we bought a dog. Gambit has been a great dog and he is learning quickly. He loves playing with his Aunt Brandy but does not love playing with his Cousin George. (I'll try to get some video of him with my sister-in-laws cat George) When we bought him he was a little grey puppy and then the first time we had him groomed he lost all his grey fur and he is now a white dog/bunny/bat.

I got a full time teaching job.
After several interviews and several rejections I finally got a full time teaching job at one school. I got the job just 2 days before I supposed to start teaching part time at two schools. Even with two schools and the commute and prep time included I was only going to be a partial contract teacher in the district I taught in last school year. So when all the cards were played and I had to choose between full time at a school 5 minutes away in a district I wasn't fond of vs 2 schools and a 45 minute commute.... I paid a penalty for leaving the district I liked (emphasis on the D at this point) and dealt with some residual harassment from some random HR employee who decided it was her purpose in life to make me miserable and now I'm one happy camper at Fort Herriman Middle School. That story will make a great Flashback Friday someday.

So even though it would seem not a lot happened, those things that did happen were big decisions that will shape the rest of our lives. We are grateful that we have the gospel, good friends and great family that help us make these decisions. We love you all and look forward to a great new year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Anniversary Number Three

This year our anniversary went by without much celebration. We had both been sick that week and the week before and so we really weren't up to going out on the town. It was a Wednesday and we had work in the morning. Brad had a crazy day at work and didn't get home until 8. My father was in town for one night on a layover between Philly and Hawaii and he stayed at our place. (We said yes before we knew what night he'd be there.... Also we are just too nice) His flight got in at 8:30. So as soon as Brad got home we turned around and went and picked him up. He took us out for our anniversary dinner, Village Inn was the only thing that sounded good at 9:30 at night when all we really wanted to do was go to sleep. We got home and did just that.

The next night I thought for sure we'd go out to our actual anniversary dinner. But Brad was home late again. I was starting to get a little sad that such an important day had gone by with no real celebration at all.

Friday I decided to stay at work and finish up as much grading as possible to free up my weekend. I finally left around 4:30. When I pulled into my driveway I realized that Brads car was at home. He had missed work on Monday and Tuesday because he wasn't feeling well but I thought he was feeling better so I was surprised he had come home. When I walked in the door Brad was there all dressed up (read: shirt with collar and no super hero). He had already packed an overnight bag and was waiting for me so we could go to our awesome date he'd planned. I quickly got ready, we dropped the puppy off at his sisters, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday and then across the street to the Hale Center Theater to see A Christmas Carol. After the show we had a free nights stay at the airport Hilton. It was an awesome anniversary date and I was so surprised. I sure do love my husband!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Teaching: A Thankless Job

What exactly is it that makes a job thankless? I have students who say thank you every day. Even after I make them take notes..... So why is it that teaching is a "thankless job"? I'm not going to say that all of my students understand what education gives them, making it more-so "thankless" but I'm not sure I fully understand the term.

What jobs are thanked? We probably are thankful to our doctors. But do most people say thank you after getting shots, blood drawn, or chemo? Probably not. Some will. Like my students who tell me thank you. But like education people aren't sure just what the doctor has done for them until they feel better which is usually long after they walk out of the doctors office. So how do we thank them? With money. We pay them more. If that is the case, then yes. Teaching is a thankless job.

Why do I bring this up? I'm just still stuck on a comment that the administration made at faculty meeting today that our job may hard but the job gets more thankless the higher up you get.... But aren't they compensated more fairly for their job? For the most part can't they leave their jobs at work? I can't. As a beginning teacher I am often at the school before most and I am almost always the last to leave. I bring work home and I think about it constantly.

I hope some day that I wont.

They tell us all the time that they are there to support us. Well today I decided the support that I need is to not be reminded how much worse their jobs are than mine. I don't go to E.R. doctors who have to work nights and say "Your job is hard, but I'm a teacher." I don't go to Sanitation Workers and say "Yeah, but at least you aren't a teacher."

If you have to add a caveat at the end of your thanks, maybe you should just follow Thumpers advice and not say anything at all.