Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another death at Kearns High

This death is much less serious and while it is sad it also is a little bit vomit-inducing...... so my pregnant friends may want to stop reading here if their gag reflexes are easily triggered.

About 2 days ago I was walking out to my car and I thought I saw something beneath it. I looked under from my side but couldn't see anything. It was cold and so I didn't want to walk around my car so I just got in and as I pulled away I looked back in my spot but there was nothing there. Strange. Yesterday was a smiliar experience. Today I stayed after school for awhile preparing some stuff so when I left the parking lot wasn't really as full so I walked around my car and looked under the car. Any guesses what I saw? (I hope Grandma Ginny isn't reading this....) I saw the head and the front paw of a dead, decomposing, cat. It was just hanging kind of behind my wheel! I was so grossed out and I didn't know what to do and even though I'm pretty sure I've driven with it there for awhile I couldn't make myself drive with it there again.

I first called Brad to find out what he thought I should do about it. He told me to just go home and he'd figure it out tonight. I then called my mom to tell her and she just laughed at me while I wretched just thinking about it. Neither of those responses were going to help me since I couldn't make myself get inside the car. Because there was the shooting at the school last week the parking lots have lots of police officers patroling around after school. So I decided that maybe I should ask a police officer what he thought I should do. There happened to be 2 Salt Lake County Sheriff's vehicles parked next to each other at the other end of the lot. So I walked down and they rolled down their window to see what I needed. I said to them "I have kind of an odd question/request?" The very nice policeman said "I doubt it's that strange. We hear really strange things." (I thought, "Don't speak so quickly mr. policeman.") So I said to the policeman, "What do you do if there is a dead cat hanging underneath your car?" They both just started laughing at me while I proceeded to laugh/cry/gag. They suggested I drive to Jiffy Lube to make them take care of it but decided that first they really wanted to look at the dead cat. They drove over to my car and then sat and poked it with their batons for awhile before they decided they might be able to get it out themselves. They had me pop my hood and they found where it was twisted up in my axle. Apparently the cat had gotten on my tire to stay warm and it didn't move when I started my car and it got sucked up into the axle when I backed away.
After half an hour of prodding with their batons, cutting with a pocket knife *gag* and lifting the car up on jacks so they could reach underneath the car......... they eventually freed the cat, who was frozen around my axle. In a way it was good that it was cold, the cat had no smell even though it had probably been there for a few days.

The police did admit that it was indeed a strange situation and they were not expecting that when I walked up. They also threatened to write me a ticket for being a cat killer so that they could get paid for doing my dirty work. I have a picture of the cat after they got it down.... but I probably shouldn't put it up on here because it might make some people cry. It actually didn't look too bad. But still! It was a dead and decomposing cat! Much thanks to Officers Wilkins and Adamson for dealing with my problems so I didn't have to!

Monday, January 26, 2009

25 things.

Ashley tagged me on this post and I don't wanna pack.....

Rules: "Once you've been tagged you're supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to learn more about you." (I'm not tagging anyone..... but if you want to do it, it was a good way to waste several hours......)

1. I love to learn, especially about historical events or social issues. This is why I was a social studies major. My biggest problem is remembering things once I've learned them..... Some day I'll learn how to do that.

2. I love to travel. Part of that love goes back to my love of history. I love going to a place and learning about things that have happened there.

3. I hate standing in one place. If I have to be still I'd much rather sit. This is part of the reason I don't like to cook. Too much standing in one place.

4. I was born in Colorado but my family was just waiting for me to come so they could move to Utah. They left Colorado the day of my 6 week check-up. So when I'm famous and Colorado tries to claim me you will all know that my true "hometown" is Provo.

5. I finished the first grade at Caroline Brevard Elementary school in Tallahassee Florida. My family lived in Tallahassee for just under a year while my dad did a sabbatical at FSU.

6. I might be a legal midget. I'm not entirely sure to be honest. Some people say if you under 5 feet you are considered a legal midget, in which case I would be. The only reason this would matter is because people have told me I would qualify to get a handicap parking pass.

7. I lied on my drivers license and said that I was 5 foot because I don't want the debate of whether or not to get a handicap parking pass. I am capable of walking, so I will walk.

8. I kissed a boy when I was in kindergarten and my brother saw. My family has never let me forget it.

9. I think I'm funny. I feed off of people laughing at me. Sometimes people are laughing AT me but I can't tell so I just keep going...... so don't laugh at me unless I'm actually funny, it just encourages me.

10. I have really short legs. Everybody knows I'm short, but really my height deficiency is all in my legs. I have the torso of a normal sized person.

11. I collect best friends. I love having friends and I don't think you can have too many best friends. So if you are my friend chances are I've given you the title of "best friend from ____" at one point. This is why I didn't have bridesmaids. Too many best friends.

12. I'm pretty sure I survived my freshmen year of college eating only fruit snacks and easy mac. I've asked my roommates if I ate anything else and the only other thing we could think of was the occasional granola bar. No wonder I lost the freshmen 15 instead of gaining it. (I've found it since then though.....)

13. I love buying coffee table books. Especially ones with pictures of places I've traveled to.

14. My favorite television show when I was younger was "This Old House". I even told people I was going to be a carpenter when I grew up. I still love watching home decorating shows and dream of some day being able to decorate my own!

15. I worked in Alaska for a summer. I absolutely loved the experience even though it had it's moments that weren't too pleasant. I would totally live in Alaska during the summer, but I couldn't survive winters there.

16. I went to a concert with my family when I was probably about 7 years old. It was hosted by the local oldies station and it was a woodstock-esque concert. (It was actually called Live-stock) There were lots of crazies at that concert and that was the day I learned what french-kissing was.

17. My senior year of High School I was able to sing in Carnegie Hall with my school choir. I've also toured Europe with a band/choir performance group. Even after those opportunities I'm still not convinced I'm necessarily a good singer. Decent, yes. Good...... maybe.

18. I was once the primary chorister. Right after that in a new ward, they made me the ward choir director. Leading the primary and leading adults are very different callings that require very different skills. I was not qualified for either job, but I don't think anybody quit the church because of me...... that counts as succeeding right?

19. I graduated High School with a 4.0 gpa. I had a teacher who threatened to give me an A- just so that I wouldn't stress out about getting a 4.0. I cried. When it came time to apply for college I got the absolute minimum score to recieve my scholarship. I only scored moderately well on the ACT and so my gpa was my saving grace and that one A- would have been the difference between a full tuition and half tuition scholarship.

20. I thought maybe I only got good grades because I didn't push myself in high school, but I graduated college Magna Cum Laude. 3.81! Not bad for college.

21. My favorite colors are black and hot pink. I used these two colors for my wedding colors even though I got married in December. I don't like how these two colors have become Emo or whatever trend it is that uses black and pink with skulls. (even though I love pirates.....)

22. I love pirates. My favorite holiday is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. (sept. 19th) My first date was in celebration of NTLAPD. We dressed our dates up like pirates and then went to ARRRby's for dinner. After dinner we roasted SmARRRRR's and then watched hook. Sept. 19th is also my best friend from high schools birthday. Fitting, since my love for the golden age of pirates only grew while driving in her car, the green pearl, with her by my side.

23. Growing up my mom always made breakfast for our family and we always ate together. Tuesdays was pancake day, Thursday was french toast day, and Saturday was waffles. Every other day was cold cereal but she always had the table set and cereal ready to be served. Brad doesn't really eat breakfast so I haven't done the same but I plan on doing the same for my children.

24. I don't love vegetables. For most of my life if it was green I probably wouldn't eat it. I'm growing up now and can handle a larger number of veggies but I still don't really enjoy eating them.

25. I love my family. No matter what my brother says, I do look up to him. He's a very funny and completely random guy. Some day he's going to be great at whatever he decides to do. I have the smartest, prettiest, taller little sister. As I've grown up I've found that she is one of my best friends. I hope she doesn't hold it against me that I used to make her do everything for me.... I was just teaching her to serve others. My mom is my best friend that trumps all other best friends. (remember I have lots.....) I hope that some day I can be as good of a mom as she is. I wish I had known my older sister better before she passed away. There is only so much you can remember when you are 4 years old. But I bet she's somewhere painting beautiful pictures and making people smile.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I should be getting hazard pay

Those of you who watch Utah's news religiously (I wouldn't blame you since I love Whit Johnson's smile....) might have heard about the lockdown that happened at Kearns High School today. There was an incident and a student was shot. It happened off campus and I was never in any danger. I don't want to perpetuate rumors but I want to say this: As a sub at a school that goes into lock-down things can be a little confusing and slightly scary. My first thoughts were that I couldn't believe no one told me there would be a drill that day. I then sensed the urgency in the principles voice as he continued making announcements about different codes and schedules and all this weird stuff. I normally have a teacher across the hall that helps me out with things but of course her class had gone to the computer lab. Looking out in the hall I began to see cards sliding out from under teachers doors. I realized if they had cards I probably had cards too so I found the firedrill packet and sure enough, inside were the instructions for all of the codes being announced.

Luckily I know the username and passwords to all of my teachers files and so I was able to get into her email and recieve the emails from the office as things were being passed down to the teachers. This all happened while I was in my prep period and so I had no students in the class and so I didn't have to worry about keeping anyone calm or entertained as they continued the lock-down. My biggest worry was what to do with myself in a classroom all by myself for 2 and a half hours. I had my sudoku book and so I sat in a corner and worked on sudoku until the lockdown ended and everyone was released.

So my friends, if you are subbing at a school you should make sure there is a way to be in contact with the office and you should find out where the emergency instructions are because you never know when you will need them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know I said I don't vacuum because of the noise. But I still like a clean floor. Brad vacuums every now and then. If it gets out of control I'll do it. But I honestly don't understand my upstairs neighbors. They are going to have to get new carpet soon I'm sure because they are wearing theirs out with their vacuum. They vacuum almost every other day. They also vacuum at ridiculous times. They just finished vacuuming around 10:20 tonight. The first week I started my student teaching they began vacuuming around midnight. I had been asleep but was so bugged that I got up and was getting presentable to go ask them to stop. By the time I put my shoes on they stopped. I was a little sad that I couldn't go stop them. (I have this thing about letting people know how I feel.... most of the time it's better if I don't, so I didn't) But yeah, 2 weeks from today we will be on our way out of this apartment and it can't come soon enough because I am so sick of hearing vacuums constantly above my head. Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if I liked vacuums at all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An update on the big move..... you forgot didn't you.....

So some of you may think I moved in November. Probably because I told you I was going to. But I didn't. We got excited to leave our pot smoking neighbors but then there were some complications when Grandpa went to the doctor for his pre-mission checkup. But thankfully when Grandpa went back to the Doctor this Monday they gave him the clearance to head to Tokyo on February 2nd. So we ARE moving and it's going to be wonderful. So come visit any time after February 3rd!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kids do the darndest things

I am officially back at work. For those of you who know, I'm being a long term sub for a lady in my ward while she stays at home taking care of her brand new baby. She had him last night. One week over due. She kept working until last Friday (2 days past due) but I took over her classes this Monday. She has her classes so well planned and prepared that I hardly have to do anything. It is so much more relaxed than student teaching. PLUS I get paid! It's nice to feel like I am contributing to our family again.

In honor of being back in the school here is a couple of fun things that have happened the past couple of days:

  • On the way to the library for a group lesson the very last student thought he was all alone in the hall. Just as I rounded the corner I caught him looking at his reflection in the glass of a trophy case, brushing his hair to side, and giving himself an approving thumbs up.
  • Today as I was entering scores for the journal entries the students do to start class I was reading through a few of the entries. The classes are starting a unit on marriage and so the topic for the entry today asked about qualities they desired in a mate. One of the girls had written one thing down. "Robert Pattinson". I hope she is willing to compromise a little on that one.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I worry about- (with an update)

So I've already compared myself to the crazy lady in Lemony Snickets but for some reason I have this feeling I should share some of the crazy things I do to prove to you all that I am indeed insane. So here is a list of some of the things I worry about, things I'm afraid of and/or some of the crazy things that I have actually said out loud that I should have just kept inside my little worried head. Some of these you will probably recognize from random posts and some of them you might just already know about me.

  • I worry about having diseases. Some people call this hypochondria I call this being prepared for the worst. I can't prove that my headaches aren't a brain tumor and neither can you. Unless of course you have an MRI machine; in which case go ahead and prove it cause it will probably make me feel better and make the ulcer that I got while worrying about it go away.
  • I am afraid of loud noises. This is a pretty large category that has manifested itself in many different ways....
  1. I don't enjoy vacuuming because it's too loud. Honest. It's not just an excuse for why my house is never clean, I really don't like it.
  2. I don't use a blender even though I LOVE milkshakes and smoothies, I'd rather go without, than use a blender. (But anyone else can make them for me I just have to able to leave the kitchen when the blender goes off...)
  3. I am also afraid of wind storms and thunder. Not because of the damage they can do, but because of the noise. If I was afraid of the damage they can do I would be afraid of lightening, not thunder. But I actually like to look at lightening, especially if it's pictures of lightening or lightening on tv where I don't have to listen to thunder shake the house afterwords. This is where the "things I've said" part comes in. One time my roommates and I were visiting some friends when the weather started getting a little choppy outside. The clouds got all dark and it started to rain a little. Instead of saying we should go home before it started to storm, or before it started to rain too hard I said "We should go before it gets too windy." Since we don't live in Tornado Alley I think the chances of it really getting "too windy" for us to safely drive the 4 blocks back to our apartment in our small, wind resistant car, were slim to none. But I still worried about it.
  • I worry when anyone talks about being prepared for the future. Utah is overdue for that big scary earthquake but I shut down if I try to think about preparing for it. Food storage? what? So if you really like me and want me to survive a disaster you should probably prepare me a disaster kit. (side note, if we do end up moving into Brads grandparents house I think we'll be ok because they are good people who have food storage and all that kind of stuff... So we're good for the next 18 months while they will be gone)
  • I worry about getting rid of things I'll need later. I didn't live through the depression but I tend to hoard things like I did. example: I had a panic attack (overexageration? maybe...) in 4th grade when we played a class game of Oregon Trail. They told us we could only pack like 150 lbs of belongings and gave us a list of all of our belongings to pack from and what they weighed. I really struggled leaving behind my imaginary grandmothers pump organ. I was sentimentally attached to something written down on a piece of paper that didn't really exsist. And if that wasn't bad enough I had to leave things like pots and pans that really could have been useful too!
I'm sure there's others. I know there are lots more but I'm starting to feel a little self concious about how much I've shared already. Plus I can't think of anymore off the top of my head. Except for my pogonophobia.

*UPDATE* - My mother just reminded me that I quit using our treadmill because I couldn't stand how loud it was. So because of my stupid problem with noise I'm also getting fat.

I'm a horrible stalker

Alright, that's it. My tracker is broken. I now know that at least some of the people I stalk on here also read my blog (thanks by the way for commenting so I could have proof of that) but my tracker still says nobody has been to the site for over 2 weeks. So I think I'll get a different one. Does anyone have any ideas? Do you have a tracker you like? I know it's not important but something inside of me wants to know.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm watching you.

So I have a tracker on my blog. It tells me when people look at my blog and how long they stay and blah blah blah. I honestly don't really know how to use it to its full extent but there is one feature I understand. The day by day counter. It tells me how many times a day people look at my blog. According to this feature nobody has looked at my blog since just after Christmas. I'm pretty sure I got a comment during that time so I think it is lying to me, but I'm not sure..... Apparently people are sick of reading "year in review" blogs and so they have avoided mine.

Also, back when people looked at my blog I had hits from Africa and Europe! I wish I knew who those people were or why they were reading my blog.......

Monday, January 5, 2009

My year in review.

Many of you know that I love Dave Barry. Dave Barry is a syndicated columnist from the Miami Herald that writes hilarious articles and books. Every year Dave Barry writes what is called his "year in review." If you haven't read his review of 2008 already you should. Unfortunately 2008 wasn't a really funny year, what with the economy failing and politics dominating the news... but he still manages to make it funny. You can read that article here.

The way that Dave Barry writes his year in review is that he breaks down each month and what happened in it. I wanted to do that with my life as my little "Christmas card" "new years update" or "valentines letter" as it happens sometimes in my family. I wrote January's paragraph back in November and then realized that nothing really happened in my life for a few months after that. You know it's true because I didn't start my blog until April. I had nothing to blog about before that.

So here is a small recap of some of our favorite parts of 2008 not in month form...
  • We finally moved into our first apartment together. As soon as we were done unpacking we had to repack to have the place sprayed for cockroaches. Who knew cockroaches lived in the frozen north of Logan. I guess if they could survive a nuclear holocaust they can live in Logan. That part wasn't our favorite...... but being married was!
  • I was primary chorister for 4 primary children. I sang some great solos.
  • Brad got a great job that he loved working for Hawkeye Technology.
  • I lost my phone twice and found it twice. Both times it was found in a pile of snow and both times the phone continued to work after a little warming up.
  • We drove to Vegas for one night to see Spamalot then turned around and came home the next morning. Worth it!
  • I started my blog!
  • I took and passed the 2 praxis exams I was required to take. One of which I passed so well that I got a certificate saying I got in the top 15% of anyone who had ever taken it!
  • I got a 4.0 Spring semester. (Fall semester didn't count towards gpa points since it was student teaching but I'm sure I would have aced it too!)
  • We got to go to Florida as "chaperones" for Brad's younger sister and her friend. I rode a really big scary rollercoaster and didn't cry!
  • I joined an awesome lunch group.
  • We went to the Shakespeare festival and to Tuahacan with my mom and sister and saw lots and lots of fun plays.
  • We saw "She Loves Me" and "Into The Woods" at the Hale Theaters and "Sweeney Todd" at the mental institute ampitheater in Provo.
  • Lots of my cousins got married. (Andrea, Jordan, Kate, Logan, Paige, Keith....... did I miss any?)
  • We moved to West Jordan so that I could student teach at Bennion Jr. High.
  • We got approved for government subsidized housing so that we could save up a little bit of money and maybe someday own our own home!
  • We went to Oktoberfest and I rode a zipline and didn't cry!
  • I saw an original copy of the Declaration of Independance.
  • I spent an entire day teaching about the geography and history of pirates. I also spent an entire day teaching about Alaska. Another day I didn't speak to my students except with sign language and they paid attention and got involved. I loved those days.
  • I finished student teaching and I still liked teaching, considering I was in a middle school I think that's an accomplishment!
  • I graduated from college Magna Cum Laude!
  • I was ward choir director and I conducted the entire Christmas program and even managed to make it a little bit my own by adding the closing song in sign language.
It was a busy year with a few low points as well (besides the roaches those aren't listed), but we had lots of fun and we look forward to 2009 and hope that it will be just as great, if not better.