Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

So far this summer I've done lots of nothing. But pretty much everything I've done, I've done with my puppy. So here is a photo essay of my summer so far as told by my dog.

Gambit sleeps on the couch as I read a book about Abraham Lincoln.

Gambit sleeps on our new patio recliners while I read a book about Abraham Lincoln.
(why does he always have his head lower than his body?)

Gambit sleeps on the floor next to the couch, as I read a book about Abraham Lincoln.

Gambit and I snuggle while taking a break from reading about Abraham Lincoln.

Gambit found sleeping under the bed while I fold laundry.

Gambit sleeping almost under the bed. If he can't see you, you can't see him.
(No I have not trained my husband to put his jeans in the laundry basket, or over a chair, or even on the floor of the closet. Life goes on.)

Gambit sleeping while all around him lies the evidence of having spent all morning reading about Lincoln. (The tv is on because, as you can see from the Tupperware and pudding cup, it was lunch time, which means an episode of That 70's show and possibly a shower. The bottles are Gambit's favorite toys which have been taken away because it is really annoying to read while a dog is hitting you in the face with a plastic bottle)