Friday, January 20, 2012

Play list 2011

Last year I started a list of the shows I saw that year.  I decided to do the same this year.

Tale of Two Cities - Hale Centre Theatre (March 26)
Beverly Hillbillies 90210 - Desert Star Theater (April 16)
The Hasty Heart - Hale Centre Theatre (April 30)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Hale Centre Theatre ( July 2)
Music Man - Shakespeare festival (August 11)
Midsummernights Dream- Shakespeare festival (August 11)
Noises Off - Shakespeare festival (August 12)
Little Mermaid - Tuacahn (August 12)
Grease!- Tuacahn (August 13)
Mary Poppins - Capitol Theater (September 15)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - HCT (September 24)
Little Mermaid - Tuacahn (October 22)
Menopause the Musical - Rose Wagner Theater (October 29)
My Fair Lady - HCT (November 26)

Tale of Two Cities was probably the most moving of all of the plays.  I loved it.  It was my favorite HCT production this year for sure.  It helped that Emily and Ames were both in it, but the story and the music was so good, that I bawled through the last number and we bought season tickets before going home.  Dirty Rotten was hilarious.  It also featured Emily so that was fun.  Joseph was good, but I honestly don't understand why people are obsessed with it.  Ames did a great job singing "Those Canaan Days" and the whole show is fun and upbeat, but people claim it is the best show they've ever seen.  Did they see Tale of Two Cities?  To round out the HCT/ Dabczynski connection Emily's mom was cast in My Fair Lady, so that was fun. 

I saw Mary Poppins with a bunch of relatives.  The only picture I have currently on the computer from any of these shows is of my 10 year old cousin and I outside of Mary Poppins.  She was pretty excited to be taller than her 25 year old cousin.  It's not that hard to do.
Baylee and I outside of Mary Poppins.  Yes she is 10 in this picture and taller than me.

During our trip to the Shakespeare festival I finally saw Music Man.  I know the music and I knew a little about the plot, but I had just never seen it.  Brian Vaughn was fantastic as usual.  I laughed so hard in Noises Off that my stomach hurt.  I even said so on facebook.  I had the chance to see Little Mermaid twice.  I went the first time with the family during our now annual trip to Cedar and St. George and was given the chance to go again with my Aunt Trudy and my cousin Baylee (pictured above) and some of their friends for a girls weekend.  I made a new friend named Milly a sweet 3 year old who held my hand while we shopped at the outlets and sat on my lap during the play so she could see better.

Menopause the Musical was an outing with Brad's parents.  It was definitely different.  They rewrote a bunch of oldies songs to be about Menopause.  Some of the songs were pretty funny.  My favorite was "My Thighs" a new way to sing "My girl".  We ate at Squatter's Pub afterwords and that made the trip worth it.

In the "almost a theater preformance" category I also saw-
Thriller - Kingsbury Hall (October 29)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - ESA (December 28)

Thriller was fun, as usual.  I went with an old roommate (Jill) and it was great to see her and spend some time catching up.  Trans- Siberian Orchestra wasn't what I was expecting at all.   The laser show at the end was my favorite part.

We already have tickets to the first HCT production (featuring Emily) and plan on seeing at least a couple of the shows there this year.  We've also picked our weekend for Shakespeare Festival.  We love the theater!