Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Theater

Brad and I love the theater. I love to listen to showtunes after school when I enter grades and my students know that if they are in my room after school they better be ready for the "name the show" game. We love to go to the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City each summer and I realized recently that I haven't been keeping track of all of the shows that I have been seeing. So here is my first effort in keeping track of the plethora of shows that we go to.

Shows I saw in 2010:
Importance of Being Earnest HCT West Valley
Tarzan Tuacahn
Pride and Prejudice Shakespeare Festival
39 Steps Shakespeare Festival
Cats Tuacahn
Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Festival
Macbeth Shakespeare Festival
Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare Festival
Crazy For You Tuacahn
The Drowsy Chaperone HCT West Valley
A Christmas Carol HCT West Valley

They were all really well performed. I will never feel the need to see 'Cats' again. My sister loves the show and used to watch an old recording that the neighbors had all the time growing up. I always felt like since I liked shows I needed to watch it at least once. Turns out once was enough. The dancing was good but I'm not sure how it is the longest running show on Broadway. I really enjoyed Drowsy Chaperone and it was made even better by the fact that one of my very best friends could go the same night and that her husband was one of the lead actors in the show. I am looking forward to seeing both of them in Tale of Two Cities at the Hale this year!

I also had the opportunity to go to two other types of shows this year.

Michael Buble E Center
BJ Novak Kent Concert Hall USU

The Michael Buble Concert was really fun. My aunt bought the tickets for her and her daughters and then two of the daughters couldn't come. My mom and I were glad to stand in. At one point in the concert Michael came out to sing on a platform in the middle of the crowd. We had floor seats and since we were up dancing in the back my cousin Ashley and I were able to sense the floor crews preparing before he got off the stage. We were in position and ready before anyone else realized he was coming down. We were standing right next to the stairs as he climbed up onto the makeshift stage. I got caught up in the crazy fan-girl excitement and reached out and touched his arm as he walked by. I told Brad and his only reaction was "why?" It makes me popular with middle schoolers though when I tell them.

Brad and I love The Office and so when we heard that BJ Novak was coming to USU we bought tickets as soon as we could. Turns out we knew before most people because our tickets were front and center. His stand up routine was really funny and we had lots of fun visiting when old friends in Logan.

We are making plans to make it back to the Shakespeare Festival and Tuacahn this summer and we hope to make it to at least one show at the Desert Star Theater as well.