Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why I do the things I do

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time reading everyone else's blogs trying to figure out what people wrote about so that I could write things that were equally funny or important or whatever. That's when I realized something about myself, I copy everyone else. I am most definitely a follower in most aspects of my life. Even when I was a "leader" in high school by being on student government, I'm pretty sure it was either because someone much cooler than myself had done it in the past. That or someone told me to do it.
That's pretty much how my life goes, I just do what I'm told and what everyone else is doing. I can remember when I was younger I wanted to do everything my friend Katie did. She wanted to be a cosmetologist so I was going to do that my senior year of high school. I would have been horrible at cosmetology good thing she changed her mind. After that she wanted to be an interior designer so I told my family I wanted to do that too. I think they steered me away from that after I suggested some horrible carpet to my grandma when she was redecorating. Katie actually is an interior designer, living in New York City and loving it (I'm pretty sure), so my goal of being just like her failed I guess. I guess if she reads this I should apologize cause I'm sure it was really annoying. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? That's probably my only excuse.
Don't get me wrong, I love how my life has turned out. I'm really excited to start teaching and I really enjoy the things I do. I guess I'm not alone either. Most of the things people do are probably the result of following someone else. Not everyone can be the first person to think of new things.
I guess the point of this post is to let you all know that if I tell you I like your outfit and then I show up wearing the exact same thing the next day it's not because I am trying to be annoying, it's just I didn't have the great idea to get the same thing on my own. I had to wait for you to have it first.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The birth of a blog

It seems like all of my friends have blogs. My friend Emily has had a blog since before I knew what a blog was. I resisted getting one because I read other peoples blogs and it seems like everyone has something to write about and I spend all my time reading other peoples blogs and so therefore I had nothing interesting to write about. But I've felt this coming for awhile now. I knew it was going to happen because I started expanding how many blogs I would read a day and I needed a place to keep all the links to everyone else's blogs. So then it just became a matter of finding something to write about. I told myself that if anything exciting happened to me that I would just get a blog and write about it. So today is the day.

I woke up this morning at 8. It felt good to sleep in. Sad, but true, 8 is definitely sleeping in for me now. I wanted to sleep longer because I had no plans until 4:30 this afternoon when I have work but I started thinking and so there was no hope of me falling asleep again. The reason that I began thinking so early in the morning is because I had a final that I completely forgot about. The final is online and I have until Friday to take it so there wasn't any real stress there. The only problem is that I never bought the book for this class. And because it is finals time everyone that I borrow books from is selling their books back. So I got out of bed this morning to begin my quest of finding someone from the class who hadn't sold their book back yet. I thought for sure it was going to be a stressful day and I'd end up taking the test without the book and failing. Wrong. The first great thing that happened today was that by 8:30 I had found someone who was willing to let me borrow their book to take the test. I was able to eat my cinnamon toast crunch and not feel stress over that anymore.

The next great thing that happened today happened in a place that most people despise. Walmart. Everyone hates walmart because of the crowds and the parking and the lack of service. I however, have found it easier to embrace walmart and just love it despite it's faults. In Logan there isn't much of a choice, especially if you are trying to save money as a college student. I believe that it is because I have decided to just accept walmart for what it is that I have been blessed. I can always find good parking spots at walmart. It's rare that I park past the 3rd row of cars. I had a roommate once who would always take me with her to when she had to buy groceries because she believed in my special parking abilities as well. So today when I went to buy our groceries at walmart I got a front row parking space. I had 3 very good spots to choose from in fact. I walked in and the fruit smiles were in the aisle just waiting to greet me. I did my shopping and when I was looking for the shortest line a friendly walmart associate walked out in the aisle and invited me to her lane which was empty. When she was done scanning my groceries it rang up to an even dollar amount. I know that even dollar amounts shouldn't make your day better, but honestly how often does that happen?!

So that was my lame day that was exciting enough for me to get a blog, I'm sure you are really looking forward to future posts now that you know how sad it is that even dollar amounts are big news in my life.