Monday, December 30, 2013

Plays 2013

The plays I saw in 2013

39 steps - Hale Centre Theatre
       The lovely Emily Bell played the only female in this small cast.  She was wonderful!

Lend Me a Tenor - Hale Center Theater Orem
       We sat on the very front row!  The lead looked almost exactly like Rick Moranis. 

No Time for Sargeants - Hale Centre Theatre
       Cute show.  The lead was a really great.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - Fort Herriman Middle School
       I had several students in the play and so I went to support them.  I was glad to finally put the music to some context.

Mid Summer Nights Dream - Fort Herriman Middle School
      Supporting students again.  They put a fun twist on this one to make it slightly more relatable to middle schoolers and so the kids were all dressed in poodle skirts and leather jackets.

Ragtime - Hale Centre Theatre
       Front row seats for a really moving play about life and how it affects different groups of people.

Urinetown - Hale Center Theater Orem
       Front row seats that almost got me kicked in the face on several occasions.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Hale Centre Theatre
       Ames Bell was such a good Dick Van Dyke.

Peter and the Star Catcher - Shakespeare Festival
      So much fun.  I love stories with pirates!

Love's Labour's Lost - Shakespeare Festival
      A Shakespeare Comedy where the guy doesn't get the girl.

Anything Goes - Shakespeare Festival
      Do all sailors tap dance on trans-atlantic voyages?

The Tempest - Shakespeare Festival
     Another Shakespeare play I'd never seen before.  Why don't more people do this one?  Nice message of forgiveness

12 Angry Men- Shakespeare Festival
     No intermission, because there are no intermissions during jury deliberations.

King John - Shakespeare Festival
    The first of Shakespeare's history plays that I've seen.

Peter Pan - Herriman City Arts Council
    I had a couple former students and some neighbors in this production, so Brad and I decided to catch it one night after he got home from work.  They did a good job.  I'm always impressed by community theater and what they can pull off in a pavilion. 

Tarzan - Hale Centre Theatre
   Great use of Cirque Du Soleil style vine swinging.  Very athletic show. 

Thoroughly Modern Milly - Tuachan
   I saw this on a girls weekend with my friend Traci.  Great show, Stolworthy's (Grant and Connie) ended up sitting right behind us and we didn't even notice until intermission.

Richard II - Shakespeare Festival Fall show
   I know why people don't do the history plays often.  Curse the complete the canon initiative!  I did enjoy the lecture in the grove with Fred Adams before the show started.  I think I would have been totally lost were it not for his summary beforehand.

Brigadoon - Hale Centre Theatre
   Emily finally gets to use her Celtic Dancing skills!

Elf - Pioneer Theater Company
   6 year anniversary date.  I liked the new parts almost better than the direct from the movie parts.  It felt like actors just quoting the movie when they were the exact same.  I did enjoy the songs and dancing though. 

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