Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books 2012

Here is my list of books I read in 2012.  It's not bad considering I felt like I never had time to read.   One of my goals for 2013 is to read at least one book a month.  Perhaps I can even beat this past years list. 

  • The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde 
    • Always a favorite.  Love the book, the play, the movie.  Everything about it is hilarious.
    “Good heavens, I suppose a man may eat his own muffins in his own garden."
    "But you have just said it was perfectly heartless to eat muffins!"
    "I said it was perfectly heartless of YOU under the circumstances. That is a very different thing."
    "That may be, but the muffins are the same!”
  • Amazing Grace - Eric Metaxas 
    • I also liked the movie version of this book.  I always feel smart when I read a historical non-fiction novel.  This one is about William Wilberforce and the fight to end slavery in England. 
  • Impressions - Liz Anderson
    • This book was written by my good friend and co-worker Liz.  I'm so proud of her.  Even though I only met her once the book was finished I'm still inspired by the work she put into it.  It surprised me in a few places with the directions she took it. 
  • Sarah's Key - Tatiana De Rosney
    • A book club choice by both of my book clubs.  No surprise on why.  It was a good read.  Also a good movie.  Interesting to think about the effects of concentration camps on those left behind in Paris and other cities. 
  • Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford
    • I liked this book, I like learning reading a story that is secretly teaching me about history at the same time.  :)   Probably only the second book I've ever read about the Japanese Internment camps.  
  • Stealing Lincoln's Body- Thomas J. Craughwell
    • This one took some time to get into.  The whole first half didn't seem to flow, but in the end it was really interesting to read about the plot to steal Lincoln's body from it's tomb. 
  • Unbroken - Laura Hildenbrand
    • Another WWII book.  I read a bunch of them this year.  This book made me so mad at the Japanese soldiers.  Then in the end I realized if he could forgive his captors then I should be able to let it go as well. 
  • Extranormal - Suze Reese (Jen Perry's mom)
    •  This was a quick read.  High school drama makes for good time filler while you fly across the country.
  • Let's Pretend This Never Happened - Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)
    • I love the Bloggess.  I'm excited for her next book to come out.  
  • Copper Sun - Sharon Draper (I wonder if we are related?)
    • I am surprised this book is read by 8th graders.  It is always hard for me to read about slavery.  This book had some details that were hard to read about. 
  • Bossypants - Tina Fey
    • Tina Fey is hilarious on tv and in print too.
  • The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
    • We actually listened to this one on audiobook as we drove to my family reunion.  I enjoy Dan Brown books.  
  • Okay for Now - Gary D. Schmidt
    • This book made me so sad for the main character.  He has so many things going against him.  It reminds me that I can't be quick to judgement. 
  • Small Steps - Louis Sachar 
    • The sequel to the book Holes.  A quick read during Thanksgiving break. 
  • Prisoners in the Palace - Michaela MacColl
    • Historical fiction about Queen Victoria's upbringing.  
  • Boy in the Striped Pajamas - John Boyne
    • A story of the Nazi Concentration camps  from the point of view of a German child. 
  • Life as we knew it - Susan Beth Pfeffer 
    • This is book one in a 3 book series.  I will probably never read the other 2 books.  This book is about the end of the world and all sorts of natural disasters that happen when the moon gets knocked off of balance.  It made me decide that my emergency plan is just to die in any emergency.  I can't handle the anxiety of trying to survive something like that.

My favorite book was probably The Bloggess's book 'Let's pretend this never happened'.  She is hilarious.  I took it with me to Peru and would read chapters out loud to Matt and Erin and Mom when we had down time.  They all loved it so much that I bought it for Erin for her birthday when we got home. 

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Katie Groneman said...

A good book to suggest for your reading group (unless you've already read it), is "Same Kind of Different As Me". I'm only in the middle of it, but I'm really loving it so far. Plus it's a true story!