Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plays 2012

Time for my yearly wrap up of our theater experiences!  

Game's Afoot : HCT (January)
Zorro : HCT (February)
CSI: Provo Decaffeinated DNA : Desert Star Theater (February)
Addam's Family Home Evening : Desert Star Theater (March)
Aladin : Tuachan (August)
Merry Wives of Windsor : Shakespeare Festival (August)
Scapin : Shakespeare Festival (August)
To Kill a Mockingbird : Shakespeare Festival (August)
Wait Until Dark : Covey Center for the Arts (September)
9-5 : HCT (September)
Hamlet : Shakespeare Festival (October)
Les Miserables : Shakespeare Festival (October)
Stones in his pockets : Shakespeare Festival (October)
Oliver : HCT (November)

This year we again saw a lot of really good shows.  My family went to Desert Star Theater to see CSI: Provo and we went with Brad's family to see Addams family home evening.  At the end of the shows they announce people's birthdays and anniversaries and at the end of Addam's FHE they announced that Shauntel and Ryan (Brad's sister and her husband) were expecting a child and wanted everyone to know.  This was hilarious because they aren't and we all knew they weren't, but someone found out they were going to be there and told them to announce it so it surprised us all.   The Shakespeare festival was great.  We broke the trip up into 2 parts and saw some of the shows in August and then went back in October.  The first time we went we saw 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.  I could remember parts of what happened as they were happening, but was glad to see it since the last time I had anything to do with it was when I read the book in high school. 
It was fun to see 'Hamlet' and 'Les Mis' again when we went back to Cedar in October.  I love both of those shows and would try to take any opportunity to see them.  I have seen the new movie version of 'Les Mis' twice already and I love it too.
Mom's new boyfriend is Billy Shakespeare

In the "almost theater" category this year I am going to include my trip to Peru.  While in Peru we saw several great productions by locals.  Mostly they performed traditional dances and played their Peruvian flutes.  We also got to see several songs performed by the children at the school we went to.  While on our way home we stopped for a day in Mexico City.  We floated around the canals of Mexico City in a gondola while a mariachi band played songs for us. 

Our own personal floating mariachi band
Some of the students singing us a song.

We got season tickets to the Hale for Christmas and already have tickets booked to see Emily in 39 steps and Ames in Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang.  We are also going to see Lend Me a Tenor at HCTO.  So exciting!

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